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Implant Cases

Dr. Baptiste has been successfully placing dental implants since 2007 and has done 200 cases up to date. This procedure requires special training in order to properly place implants.  She has completed her 3 year specialty training in Periodontology at one of the top dental school in the U.S, Tufts University, well known for its clinical focus. She is a board certified Periodontist and works with top dentists who wish to refer their patients to her.

Patients with healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease are the best candidates for dental implants. If you don’t have healthy gum tissues, you will need a bone graft before placing the implant. You need a Periodontist who is qualified to place implants. After a thorough examination, including x-rays to determine bone density, one type of implant may prove to have the best chance of success over another. Ceramic non-metal vs Titanium metal implants have their own benefits.

Titanium Dental ImplantsTitanium Implants

Titanium Implants are the industry standard and have been the mainstay of dental implant surgery for decades. Properly positioned, a titanium implant will be invisible to all and is a great way to restore a smile where one has a missing tooth or teeth.

Zirconia All Ceramic Implants

Ceramic Dental ImplantsThose who cannot tolerate metal implants, may request Ceramic implants which is a very strong biocompatible material with no metals and resistant to bacteria. They are holistic and provide a natural sensation. They will not corrode. Ceramic implants are also use for bridges and crowns.

Metal Implant Case

Before: Dental Implant


After: Dental Implant